Gene Lipin, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Sciences

hearing aid specialist in Northridge and Burbank, CA.

Eugene (Gene) began working in his father’s office in 1981.  The first skill learned was how to clean and retube an ear mold.  Training under his father Martin, Eugene was licensed in 1983.  In 1988 Eugene passed the requirements to receive his BC-HIS title from the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences.Hearing loss runs in the Lipin family.  Martin’s father was legally deaf, Martin has a severe loss, Eugene also uses amplification to compensate for hearing loss. This gives him an understanding of the patient journey. Seeing the patients face light up when hearing aids are first turned on, and seeing the tears of joy on their family’s face is rewarding.  One WWII veteran stood up from his wheel chair just to shake my hand and say thank you. These are the best moments. In his spare time, Eugene has played guitar since age eight, and plays the five string banjo.  Living in Southern California he is also an avid mountain biker and hiker.